Ninian Stephen Menzies Law Program

The Ninian Stephen Menzies Law Program will support Australia’s capacity to grapple with the most pressing legal issues confronting our nation’s future, and for the next three years will focus on the legal implications of cyber security risk and resilience.

The program is named in honour of one of Australia’s finest legal minds, former Governor General and Chair of the Menzies Foundation, Sir Ninian Stephen. We believe that Sir Ninian would be have intrigued by the complexity of the rapidly growing international challenge of cyber security.

We are delighted that the Honourable Justice Susan Kenny, a former association of Sir Ninian will chair the program advisory panel.

The development of the strategic platform for the Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Law Program has continued to gather momentum as we explore the legal implications of cyber security risk and resilience in a global context and actively work to collaborate with others to develop a catalytic framework for this initiative.

The Foundation has recently undertaken a stakeholder consultation with key legal experts across Australia exploring legal cyber challenges, the skills required to grapple with cyber complexity and the training platforms and methodologies most likely to build capability effectively and efficiently across the community. We look forward to reporting on these insights in due course.