Threatcasting Lab

What is Threatcasting?

Threatcasting is a conceptual framework used to help multidisciplinary groups envision future scenarios to enable systematic planning against threats ten years in the future. Using inputs from social science, technical research, cultural history, economics, trends, expert interviews, and even science fiction storytelling, threatcasting focuses on desired realities and avoiding undesired futures.

Menzies Foundation reply:

The Ninian Stephen Menzies Cyber Law Program, run in partnership with the ANU Cyber Institute and ANU School of Law, supports the Australian legal sector to grapple with the complex legal challenges of cyber resilience and risk in a global context.

In further support of this initiative, the Menzies Foundation is delighted be partnering with the University of Melbourne to deliver the 2019 Menzies Oration which will be presented by Professor Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Arizona State University, on the important topic The Future of Risk, Security and the Law.

Professor Johnson will run a Threatcasting Lab leading up to the Oration to explore the challenges of resolving transnational legal cyber security threats and disputes in uncertainty and complexity, amplified by the pace of technological change.

The Threatcasting Lab will be held at the University of Melbourne on Thursday 3rd October and Friday 4th October, culminating in the Menzies Oration at the Melbourne Law School on the evening of Tuesday, 8th October 2019.

Following the Threatcasting Lab and Oration, a Public and Technical Report will be released to capture insights and continue to support Australia’s capacity to build cyber resilience.

Please direct your interest in contributing to the Threatcasting Workshop or joining us at the Oration to

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